CDO Bloggers visited the office of Department of Tourism and had a really wonderful time chatting with its head in Region 10, Director Catalino E. Chan III, who not only gave us an hour but most of his morning. We presented to him our year-round plans and activities, and how excited we were when he spoke of a partnership, not only for CDO Bloggers events and activities, but that of DOT Region 10 as well. He even  told us about the different festivals that the office have been invited to attend, in the country and even outside the country, and how bloggers can definitely have a great time witnessing said events and write about them. On top of his support for CDO Bloggers activities and events, especially for Extreme Mindanao, he also invited us to join him in their next festival. With such enthusiasm, we are all the more excited with this partnership with the Department of  Tourism..

Thank you so much Director Catalino E. Chan III for the time and the full support. We look forward to having another meeting with you.

(Next Stop: Governor Oscar Moreno, COHARA, Congressman Rufus Rodriguez & Congressman Maxie Rodriguez of ABAMIN)