The Website Maker Script installs on your hosting server within minutes and allows your visitors to come to your new site and be able to create their own professional website (with custom logo design) in a couple of minutes.

It includes multiple pages and dynamic menus (meaning if you add a page, it shows up on the menu) and single-page editing. Unlike WordPress, our website manager allows your visitors to make every edit from one single page. You profit from users paying you to remove your site branding from their website.

Business / Profit Model: By default, each of your websites that are created with your script has “created with” at the bottom. Earn automated profit for every website owner that chooses to remove the “created with…” branding at the bottom of their website, automatically via Paypal from your customer’s website admin page.

  • Build the website from the script
  • Tweak it a little and personalize
  • Get it ranking and get traffic flowing
  • People sign up and get their own subdomain (alter script a little)
  • After a day, email them, ask them how its going & if they need help
  • Also let them know that you offer cheap custom web design services
  • Upsell them to a custom design package with their own domain
  • Once you have built a website for them, upsell them into SEO

This is a proven upsell technique and profit-structure and is helpful for customers who don’t want their visitors to see where they made their pro website at. Suggested price to remove branding is $49.99, but this price is up to you. In this example, what this means is that you will make $49.99 for each paid customer via Paypal automatically. Get only 2 new customers and you’ve paid the cost of the script and will make 100% profit from here on out. Do the math yourself to see what you will make when you get 5 sales a week, or 15 sales a week, or 5 sales in one day. Your purchase of this script here today is an investment in yourself, your current & future income, and your exciting new business.