Thank you to those who Registered!
Officers and Core Group of CDOBloggers will have a meeting tonight to finalize the Activity. So far, here are our plans.

  1. Blogging 101 Workshop
  2. w/ Certificates
  3. Open to ALL (you can bring friends who are interested to learn Blogging)
  4. All CDOBloggers Members are encouraged to Participate in the Workshop
  5. Tentative Schedule: May 23 2009 – 1:30 to 5pm
  6.  Tentative Place: Sentro 1850
  7. Fee: 200 pesos (w/ meal)
  8. Topics: (Thank you for sending in your suggestions)
    • Setting-Up your Blog
      • Blogspot, WordPress and others
    • Blog Writing
    • Types of Blogs (Photoblogs, video blog, personal blog etc.), Niche Blogging, Blog Ethics
    •  Blog Promotion and Marketing
    • Driving Traffic, SEO
      • Monetizing
      • Google Adsense, Paid Posts etc..

1. CDOBloggers Shirts for Sale (200 pesos)

2. Blogging from Home Book – by Janette Toral (450 pesos)

Pre-Orders Accepted just reply here or PM me.
3. Web Hosting Deals / Web Design & Web Development Packages

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(you need to register so we can provide you with Certificates and meals)


I’d like to inform everybody that CDOBloggers would like to hold a Blogging 101 Discussion that is open to the public, most specially to members of this site who are eager to learn or to start a Blog.

We would require a fee – for the place but would keep it (if possible) at 200 pesos per person.

Tentative Schedule will be on May 23, 2009 Saturday. If you are interested, please reply on this thread
so we can ask for your Mobile Number or Email Address and keep you posted.

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