CDO Bloggers Inc went to Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan last December 2011 for our Christmas Outreach Program. However, when we went there, the toothbrushes from Firefly Toothbrush had not arrived yet. They arrived three days after. So, in order for us to fulfill our obligation to the sponsor,  we resolved in going back to Cadayunan Primary School for a Loot Bag giving during their Christmas party scheduled on December 16, 2011.
In the evening of December 13, 2011 we received word that the kids will be coming to the city on the 16th, thus their Christmas Party was moved earlier by a day, December 15, 2011. Because the schedule was moved, we were not been able to go there for different reasons and individual schedules plotted beforehand. So instead, we opted to simply send the loot through their adviser, Sir Joseph who is actually our contact person.

We were so lucky that Guard Insect Repellent Lotion agree to sponsor and was added to the loot.

And while toothbrushes were given by Firefly Toothbrush, blogger friend, Dhadha Garcia, provided the toothpastes that we added in the Christmas pack.
I met Sir Joseph at Jollibee Carmen, which was the meeting point during the previous trip to Besigan. They were to leave that same morning, after they finish preparing the children’s food for the party.
We all know that December 16 midnight and December 17, 2011 was the infamous TS Sendong tragedy. The organization got busy helping out, and this project had been forgotten for a time. This is actually a long overdue post due to TS Sendong complications from December 2011 onwards.
In February 2012, I saw the pictures of the kids during their Christmas Party at Sir Joseph’s FB account..
I am happy that the children of Cadayuna Primary School are okay after TS Sendong also hit some parts of Besigan. I am happy that they liked our small token of love..
And they are all thankful to all sponsors too. Thank you so much for making the children at Cadayunan Primary School happy..
Aside from the items above, included inside the loot are candies, toys, biscuits and cookies and money tokens for each kid. Below is what each child got inside the loot bag…
Thanks to my friend Amy for the money tokens. The plan was to give them inside Red Pockets, but changes went with the changes in the schedule.. We are glad Teacher Joseph made it possible for us to still send what we all wanted to give..
I would also like to thank Mommy Raya, another mommy blogger who lives in Thailand for the candies. The biscuits and cookies were from our own stock at home. My daughter told me that she wanted to give them away for the kids at Cadayunan Primary School, after seeing all the photos of our previous visit.
That’s about it. We are hoping to see them again on our next visit…