On March 21, 2012 the CDO Bloggers conducted an Outreach and Feeding for the children survivors of TS Sendong tragedy at the Indahag Relocation site. The children were divided according to age, but all in all, there were 120 of them that we treated to a McDonald’s Kiddie Party with games and prizes, plus loot bags.

We have also given our share for the ECOSAN Supplies to WAND Foundation, the NGO that is handling their sanitation concerns in the most environmental way. We were able to collect funds from friends and fellow

Below are the 9 boxes of toilet papers that’s enough for 65 families. As per calculation, these will last them a month, given proper supervision for every release, given that they will only be used when using ecosan and not for other means.

 We also provided polygloves and poly bags for the cleaners and those who maintain the ecosan.

And of course, we added an important tool for hygiene for the kids to use this summer: Sulod, or lice-comb keeps the lice at bay.