We finally went to Besigan yesterday for the CDO Bloggers Outreach and Feeding Program at Cadayunan Primary School, in Besigan. It was quite a rough journey just to get there, and to leave the place as well. It was a bumpy ride, then it rained when we arrived.. We traveled approximately four (4) hours going there, and four (4) going back.

Despite the difficult journey, we arrived safely at our destination. But it is not just the long journey that we had to endure. Below is a photo taken as soon as we came down the truck, inside the waiting shed, as we were getting organized for the long walk..
It would have been better if it didn’t rain, but it did. The rain happened for a reason as it showed us the worst scenario for the school we are helping. It showed us that the blackboard literally becomes wet, thus classes will have to be suspended for a time or so, and that, children with no shoes or slippers have to walk the muddy path just to get there. Quite sad, and frustrating. But the kids do not complain as they say they are used to it.
There are actually two ways to go up the peak.. One is to go around the path, passing through a small pond where the people in the area have Tilapia and other fishes for their own consumption, or the path directly going up the peak– a long steep muddy staircase.
But that’s just the “getting there” part of our journey… When we finally met the students, interacted with them, and played games with them in between gift giving and feeding, that’s when we knew that our journey was worth it. Paint a smile on a child’s face, that’s priceless..
Inspire them to grow and learn, that’s worth every bumpy road and getting dirty on our way there..
I sure would like to go back there and bring them more help..
 With a ceiling that has too many holes that literally leaks into the room, a wet blackboard, and so much more to improve..
We shall continue to accept help for Cadayunan Primary School as we are going back there. We hope to help improve their school environment, as well as provide the kids slippers and many others. Please email us at [email protected] if you wish to help or take part of this outreach. And to our fellow bloggers and netizens we also accept donations through paypal ([email protected]). Your $3 to $5 will surely go a long way.