It was a few years ago when CDO Bloggers launched the #Come2CDO social media campaign. It was geared towards showcasing Cagayan de Oro’s beauty to encourage local and international tourists to come and visit. It was indeed a success and it ran for more than a year. Kagay-anons started using #Come2CDO to encourage others to visit our wonderful city.

This year, we are launching our social media campaign this 2019 and its more of environmental advocacy. This social media advocacy will focus on bringing to the spotlight the small contributions of every Kagay-anon in making Cagayan de Oro City a greener place. We have seen a lot of negative news on how others are ruining our environment but we fail to see the efforts of the few. With this, CDO Bloggers decided to promote positivity through our newest social media campaign – #MyGreenCDO.

#MyGreenCDO is encouraging all Kagay-anons to be vigilant and take notice of their surroundings. We encourage them to take notice of other Kagay-anons are doing to make Cagayan de Oro City a place filled with greenery. Thus, we encourage every Kagay-anons to take a photo and commend people who have trees, potted plants, and other green efforts at their homes, barangays, or establishments. And of course, share them on their social media accounts with the hashtag #MyGreenCDO. In this way, we can showcase the small (and even big) efforts of every Kagay-anon.

With #MyGreenCDO, we wish to see every Kagay-anon not only to take notice of the positive efforts of others but as well be encouraged to do their own green efforts as well. We would love to see more homes and even establishments to have more potted plants and even trees in the future.

For those who will be participating, we are going to showcase you as well! We will be constantly monitoring the hashtag #MyGreenCDO and share their photos at our CDO Bloggers Facebook Page. We want also to take notice of these people who want to see the GREENER beauty of Cagayan de Oro City.