The Blogging 101 Mini Forum at Vienna Kaffehaus was a Success! Our participants were all New to Blogging while some did not have any existing Blogs yet. So the Modules we have prepared were really targeted to them.

The participants were really attentive and I was glad that we made an effort in encouraging them to interact with us as it was the best venue for Discussion. The Activity is after all a “Mini Forum”.

I was also very happy and proud of the CDOBloggers Red Team for working hard in Making the Event possible. Not only that, the rest of the CDOBloggers Core Group really took time to help out the Red Team and were very supportive during the preparation stages of the Activity.

Hopefully because of the Blogging 101 Mini Forum, the participants have all been motivated to start and join the exciting world of Blogging. We made sure to teach them the basics and even included Content Development in our Modules so they would know how it is to become an effective Blogger.

We hope to see you on our SEO Mini Forum, Max’s Restaurant – Ruby Function Room. 3:00PM – 5:00PM, April 18, 2010, Sunday.

Also, a big thank you to SMART Communications, Inc., the FREEBIES were awesome!!