Happy to inform everyone that we won the Micro-Blogging Category Award at the 2nd Social Networking and eBusiness Conference 2009.

Congratulations CDO Bloggers!

  1. Campaign name: $3 for Cagayan de Oro City, PH Flash Flood
  2. Campaign description / mechanics: Campaign was made using Plurk to either donate as little as $3 to help raise funds for the Cagayan de Oro City Flash Flood or to simply replurk the Campaign to raise Social Awareness.
  3. Website url(s) where campaign was launched and related developments (e.g. progress, winners announcement, post-event write-up).




4. What makes this campaign outstanding?
This campaign was done for a good cause and the result was truly overwhelming. This project was carried through by CDOBLOGGERS.COM where a group of bloggers initiated a move to help their own City in such a tragic state where 80% of its baranggays were affected. Through this campaign, the news has spread not only to Mindanao and Philippines but the rest of the world.

Kudos to Pangitster, and even Robstroy for their pix.. w/c was all over the web to help give credibility to the cause. Also, there were other cdobloggers who posted their pix that fellow bloggers were able to use on their blog posts and plurks.

For Goma and Meyang who facilitated the acceptance of the relief goods. Robstroy, Pangister, Pinksoda, Olga, Meyang, Ninah.. who were present to take care of the purchasing and distribution of the reflief goods.

Juvie for accommodating us over at abs-cbn.. and all the other cdobloggers who gave their time and energy.. wrote a blog post, helped plurked the campaign .. etc.. The campaign was indeed successful because we have come together being united as Bloggers in Cagayan de Oro City.

May we not only be concerned with personal gains but more importantly, let us make a difference by Contributing to our Society.. and CDO Bloggers have done just that!!

Sidenote: I was requested to present a slideshow of the cause.. I’d like to request pangister and Robstroy to help me with the summary of the CDO Flash Flood and the Campaign we have initiated. I will be there on April 24 to receive the award.

Again, congratulations to us!
Do let me know if we missed out thanking anyone so I can add it on the post.

ChiQ Montes