Dal-Tans Kambingan has variety of Kambing or goat dishes like Papaitan na Kambing, Kalderetang Kambing, Kilawin na Kambing, Adobong Kambing and Sinigang na Kambing. Not only Kambing dishes but they also have Bulalo, Siki and Tinolang Bisayang Manok hence called Dal-tans meaning they cover everything but they specializes in goat dishes or kambing. They are also open 24 hours to serve every Juan.

Dal-Tans Kambingan started this year last August 2012. Aside from the dishes they served, you can chill and bring your barkada to just chill and relax with a cold beer. Or send you girlfriend or wife for a massage above Dal-tans kambingan.

My recommended dish is the Adobong Kambing. A must try at Dal-tans Kambingan. Kalderetang kambing and Sinigang na Kambing is also one of their bestsellers.

You can contact them at this number (088) 309 – 3911. Follow their Facebook Fanpage soon. They might be a wifi zone area.

Dal-Tans Kambingan is located along the streets of Shanghai Bakery.