Quoted from Food and Recipes:

Dong Juan started at year 2007 and has been spread nationwide. They have the main branch from Cebu as the owners came from this City. They wanted to spread Dong Juan hence they are open for Franchising. They have Manila, Bacolod and now in Cagayan de Oro Branch. They will also open in Davao in Abreeza Mall.

Their Centrio franchise is the first Mall branch since they are off-Malls. The bestsellers for Dong Juan is their pasta and burgers of which are heavenly. The taste and smell are just ‘Filipino’. Dong Juan’s menu is a fusion of different cuisines. The price ranges from 400 and below. The price is for a typical Dong.

The burger is 100% USDA beef and that their dishes are cooked in Olive oil.

Kalamansi Blush is a must try in Dong Juan.

Dong Juan Contact info:

0917-7033196 – Joy

Soon they will have family set for every Juan.

I want to try again and again Dong Juan’s Burger! They also have a red hot chili burger version for chili lovers.

The taste just lingers and I just can’t have enough. I am still remembering the tastes and the bite of the burger is just juicy and there beef, 100% pure beef.

Check out their menu.