The CDOBloggers were invited to the Missy Bon Bon Pasalubong Choices event last February 9, 2012 for dinner and trivia night. We had a great time as they served as nachos, pasta and gelatos.

Missy Bon Bon breadshop in Cagayan de Oro offers a wide selection of breads, pastries and other baked goodies that travelers just love to take with them as pasalubong.

Thus they have launched their Missy Bon Bon Pasalubong Choices sold in brightly colored boxes of 6’s and 12’s with new products like pastel – a chewy bun with a sweet creamy custard filling. Other favorites include Special Cheese and Special Pork Floss Ensaymada. Cheesy Sponge and Sweet Potato Bun.

When these delightful baked goodies are carried off to other provinces and other countries — they hold happy memories of the fun and adventures that you have experienced in Cagayan de Oro City.

Missy Bon Bon is located in Rosario Drive, Lim Ket Kai Center, and has stalls at G/F Robinson’s Cagayan de Oro and G/F Gaisano Mall.
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